Dolla’s geographically distributed team is made up of experts in their respective fields, and includes software engineers, mathematicians, crypto experts, business and marketing professionals, academics and researchers.
Andreas Holmes
CEO & Founder

Experienced Web entrepreneur, Web and software creator, who is a creative and innovative thinker with expertise in business creation, business promotion, operations and expansion.

Strategic and long term thinker with proven ability to create long term investments and businesses. Experience includes:SEO Expert | Software Architect | Software Designer | Platform Creator. Business Creator and Development. Corporate Management. Co founder Home Builders Australia - SOLD - Home Builders Australia was a web platform that specialized in Builder brokering, Plan tendering, and trade advertising, Property due diligence. Also part of growing and running the HBA web platform and business i also demonstrated skills in Supervising staff, Sales, Business management, Marketing, Helping clients, Risk assessment, Team building, Business strategy, Entrepreneurship.

Nicole Herstik
Chief Financial Officer

Experienced web entrepreneur, investor, speaker and author. Successful financial manager in business development and expansion. Represented and negotiated with High Net Worths and INC 500 companies and individuals in high stake dealings including Hard Rock Cafe International, Ripley's Believe It Or Not!, Oakley, Billabong, Hound Dog and Cult. Obtained high distinctions in trust accounting. Held multiple trust licences over many years across multiple states. Creative and innovative marketer with expertise in business creation, business promotion, operations and expansion.

Jolene Oxborrow
Global Marketing Officer

Experienced marketing expert specializing in digital marketing, social media, website design, PR, whitepaper review and start-up strategies. Management and implementation of training in national investment services Australia, focusing on lead generation, investment strategies and sales conversions. Certified in credit management as well as financial and investment services. Start-up specialist with multiple success stories in small business.

Parrish Stanton
Chief Legal Officer

JAG Officer with United States Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton Legal Assistance Officer Over twenty-five years in civilian law, focusing on complex legal issues of valuation, risk management protocols, and regulatory compliance of ICO and Cryptocurrency law. 5 Years experience representing some of the largest cryptocurrencies and securities, and insuring banking law compliance within the rapidly-changing regulations of cryptocurrency technology, providing legal guidance from ideation to tokenomics thru ICO launch.

Sudipta Debnath
Community Manager

A graduate of Mechanical Engineering from one of the leading universities in Bangladesh and a passionate crypto advocate. He has 3 years hands on experience with community management and helping brands grow their audience whilst remaining relevant in the ever changing media environment. He focuses on cohesive campaign strategies that tell a story through engaging content, thoughtful targeting and careful contextual marketing.

Technology Development Team

Andre Knispel
Chief Technology Officer

Experienced with Functional Programming (Haskell plus Idris) and Mathematics. Andre has his Masters in Mathematics, and his mathematical expertise includes graph theory, algebra and algebraic geometry which are at the heart of modern cryptography, plus category theory and type theory which form the theoretical foundations of functional programming. Software developer with real time distributed systems experience. Expert functional programming professional specializing in Haskell and Idris He uses Coq together with Haskell to produce verified code that will never crash and is proven to satisfy its specification. Experienced with Quantum computing. Experienced with blockchain privacy solutions and quantum proof signatures.

Guidon Malamud
Haskell Software Development Engineer

Haskell Software Development Engineer. Senior software developer specializing in Haskell and functional programming. Senior software Developer for as asynchronous real-time distributed system that detects and processes US bankruptcy filings for a large issuer of US credit cards ( Synchrony Bank, 35M active card holders ) Experienced in design & implementation of real-time embedded software and large scale disturbed systems. Specializes in applying functional programming patterns to design & implement scalable, flexible and robust real-time distributed software solutions. Developed pilot’s GUI, in 68000 assembler, to launch an arsenal of missiles and bombs from NATO jet fighters ( security clearance: Secret ) Senior engineer that implemented a remote disaster recovery site that is maintained fully synchronized, at both infrastructure and application level, to allow switch over at any time with no loss of production critical data.

David Feuer
Haskell Software Development Engineer

Senior Haskell Engineer - David has previously had a focus on diagnosing performance issues in the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) and worked on peer discovery design research for a blockchain data diffusion system. Worked on several open source Haskell projects in the last several years, as well as working on the streaming data aggregation system for JP Morgan Chase.

Nicolas Henin
Haskell Engineer & Mathematician

Software Engineer with experience in building from the ground up distributed systems based on :

  • CQRS/SEDA , Event/Command Sourcing Architecture,
  • Domain Driven Design principles
  • Functional Reactive Programing paradigm

Built software :

  • in a variety of langages - Ada95, PHP, Java , C#, Ruby, Objective-C, Swift, Scala and finally Haskell.
  • in a variety of Environments - Web, Mobile and Backend.

Approach Product Development:

  • with a natural user/business focus and empathy
  • by aiming for ubiquitous consistency and simplicity

Likes to use friendly software, useful for people.

Nathan Lander
Haskell Engineer & Mathematician

Haskell Engineer and Software developer specializing in web development. Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from University of Puget Sound. Self-taught web developer with professional experience using Haskell, PureScript, and Elm. Enjoys using functional programming to solve problems and make user-friendly web applications. Develops software on Linux using tools like stack, tmux, and neovim.


Nicholas King

With over 20 years’ experience in financial services, King is now using his acumen to position Global Hedge Fund as a leader in the market. He has worked across three continents in companies such as UCP Holdings, Universe Capital Partners and King Group with US Boutique Fund.Blockchain Expert panelist globally helping successful ICOs,STOs & Blockchain Companies expand globally & profitably, having advised on multiple successful blockchain projects.

Robert Stone

Rob has negotiated over $1bn of services across a diverse spectrum of categories including IT, professional services, marketing & PR.

Rob has delivered his advisory services to many tech start-ups in the ICO space. Using his entrepreneurial flair and business connections Rob supports new ventures and help them to realise their full potential. With expertise in shaping commercial offerings, Rob provides highly detailed, timely and effective advice to help deliver success to fledgling tech businesses.Rob is supported by a team of professionals with a strong track record of selling high value assets to wealthy individuals on the global stage. Together they have been involved in the crypto market since 2015 helping to raise funds from a variety of investors and trading currencies on behalf of a variety of high net worth clients.

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