Orb Exchange

The rise and fall of multiple cryptocurrency exchanges over recent years has been extreme, with many failing due to insecure platforms, poor accessibility, poor design and technical architecture and poor internationalization and language support.

Cryptocurrencies have experienced explosive growth over the last 2 years. The total market cap of cryptocurrencies increased from $13.7 billion 3 years ago to around $240 billion today plus there are over 100,000 new users signing up to exchanges each day. We see this as a massive opportunity which can be capitalized on, and we have the ability to do this fast and efficiently.

With extensive research and development the Orb exchange has taken into consideration previous exchanges downfalls, and improving on successful exchanges strengths, therefore creating a more robust, powerful and secure trading platform.

Better Security

The Dolla exchange is built from the ground up with security in mind, starting with the more secure Haskell as the language of choice. This offers better security and speed compared to alternatives. With a reported $882 million being lost over the last two years in exchange hacks, Dolla’s vigilance in providing the best security options and protecting funds is of the highest priority.

Country & Multilingual Support

The Dolla exchange will be launched internationally with local country specific websites all connecting to the central platform. Dolla exchange will be developing user interfaces in many languages including English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. This is done to capture customers from as many countries as possible.

Dolla's Matching Engine

For the Dolla matching engine Haskell is the chosen software language. Haskell is known for its multithreading, high speed and security. This will make it capable of handling upwards of 1,100,000 orders per second, making the Dolla Exchange one of the fastest exchanges, with no fear of being “stuck” due to matching issues.

Orb exchange provides a valuable mechanism to increase the adoption and value of the DLA.

Orb’s currency exchange is being built in Haskell for the highest of security, equal to that of the Dolla Blockchain. The exchange will be high speed and highly secure with low fees. Orb Exchange endeavours to have the top 300 crypto and 16 fiat currencies within 12 months of operations. Incentives in the form of discounted fees for Dolla trades will be put into place to stimulate the Dolla currency.

Used in conjunction with the Dolla Wallet, users around the world will have a seamless experience in accessing, transacting and trading their funds. The exchange will be the base platform for all Dolla solutions to coherently integrate into, including the wallet, atm network, merchant payment platform and ecommerce web apps, providing a complete, global payment solution.

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