Merchant Information

Receive 2000 DLA to join the merchant network!
Dolla is free to receive payments.

Save thousands of $$$ on your credit card and PayPal transaction fees.

Dolla settles instantly.

No more waiting hours or days for transactions to settle.

Dolla transactions have no chance of chargebacks.

Eliminate the cost and fear of unexpected refunds.

Dolla technology is capable of 10,000 transactions per second.

Fast enough to keep up with Visa.

Additional Benefits for Dolla Merchants
  • Free listing on Coinbuz global directory
  • Featured advertising on the Dolla app
  • Push notifications for customers in your area
  • Special promotions and discounts
  • Incentives for customers
Merchant Features in Development
  • E-commerce integration with the top online shopping platforms
  • Settlement directly into fiat
  • Accounting and POS software integration
  • DollayPay — Interest free, take home today, pay by instalment option
  • Incentives for your customers to spend Dolla with you

What is Dolla?

Dolla is a new and superior cryptocurrency providing a complete payment solution with a particular focus on ease of use, low cost, and faster transactions for merchants.

Why 2000 DLA?

To increase global adoption and promote the use of Dolla, we are giving our registered merchants 2000 DLA, creating a global network to benefit all that participate.

What do I need to process Dolla transactions?

All you need is an internet connection and a phone or tablet. Once Dolla is live in Q2 2019 you simply download the wallet app and are ready to start transacting.

What are the conditions for receiving 2000 DLA?

To help stimulate the Dolla network, we are asking our merchants to join our social channels, provide us with a testimonial of how you believe Dolla will benefit your business and a quick photo of your business with our logo!

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What's next?

We'll keep you up to date with our progress via email and our socials. Once we are ready to go live it's as simple as downloading the app and start transacting!

You can also always contact us at

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