Freelancer Airdrop

Freelancer Airdrop

To help expand the usage of DLA with the freelancer community Lead One is conducting an airdrop for freelancers and outsourcers. Freelancers that agree to take payment in DLA once we are live and also join 3 of our social channels are eligible for US$20 worth of DLA.

Step 1: Join Social channels

Step 2: Fill in form

Join 3 Social Channels

To receive $20 usd worth of DLA you need to take part in this Crypto Airdrop, to do that you need to join each of the 3 communities below.




Fill in the form 

We also have a referral program were you can earn an extra $5 worth of Dolla’s per referral 

Once you sign up you will be assigned a referral code which you provide to the freelancers you refer to this airdrop, they will need to enter your unique referral code for you to be credited for the referral.