Dolla software is a transactional network that allows business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, staff, friends and family to send and receive money in an instant, almost free, hassle free way from anywhere in the world. Dolla was created to improve upon existing cryptocurrencies and their development approaches. Dolla believes that every aspect of a cryptocurrency and its development including language choice and core algorithm should be reviewed, analysed and compared to alternatives with the best approach being taken. The core aim is for Dolla to be used as a currency, for that it has to have real world applications and uses and for this to happen, certain characteristics need to be inherent in the Dolla blockchain.

These include:

  1. High security from the ground up: This is why the programming language Haskell was chosen.
  2. Fast Transaction confirmation: The Dolla blockchain confirms transactions in 1 second.
  3. High Throughput: Dolla Blockchain is capable of 10k transactions per second.

Lead One a Cayman’s Exempt company is the core entity contributing to the development of the Dolla Software and its adoption.

Lead One has 3 core responsibilities:

  1. As a tech development company its core mission is to engage in cryptocurrency research which includes reviewing and evaluating academic papers and then to develop and construct a leading Crytocurrency called Dolla using best practices and a rigorous, peer-reviewed approach. Lead One has extended its software engineer base and has partnered with FP Complete ( the leading Haskell engineering company ) to develop the Dolla Blockchain.
  2. The 2nd core responsibility of Lead One is to is to facilitate the adoption and acceptance of Dolla within the wider community. To this end Lead One will be using its extensive marketing and business development experience to promote Dolla and to educate the community about Dolla, Lead One will also invest in and assist commercial ventures to build on the Dolla blockchain and will develop and oversee partnerships which help promote and grow the Dolla ecosystem.
  3. The 3rd core responsibility of Lead One is to build and grow a network of business and entrepreneurs that will accept DLA. This is so owners of the coin have real world uses for their DLA.

The Dolla distribution will take place in a series of presale periods and an ICO.

It has been decided that U.S. citizens, residents and entities should be excluded from purchasing Dolla tokens in the token presale and ICO due to the unfriendly stance the US has shown to crypt currencies and ICO’s. Lead One does not believe that the distribution of Dolla Tokens or the Dolla Tokens themselves are commodities, securities, swaps on either securities or commodities, or similar financial instruments.

The Dolla Tokens are not designed for investment or speculative purposes and should not be considered as a type of investment. Nevertheless, U.S.A citizens, entities and residents should not purchase or attempt to purchase any Dolla Tokens.

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