DollayPay gives customers an easy way to pay for goods and services, the benefit is it is an interest-free option that allows the consumer to pay over time while the merchant gets paid instantly. This will be achieved using pre-developed smart contracts that are evaluated in the consensus nodes directly.

DollayPay is proposed as small lines of credit from $50 to $1000, debt paid back in 4 fortnightly installments, if paid off on time no late fees or interest is charged.

DollayPay works as follows:


At checkout (or prior to) the customer selects installments by Dollaypay and completes signup.Customer pays the first installment at time of purchase and receives their purchase immediately or if online shopping, the package will be dispatched.


Dollaypay settles the total purchase amount with the retailer at the time of customer purchase and assumes any credit and fraud risk.


The customer pays off their purchase in 4 regular instalments directly to DollayPay. DollayPay is designed to help business sell merchandise or services even if the client does not have the available funds then and there. The benefit to businesses translates in easier adoption by merchants of Dolla.

Benefits to Dolla include:

  • Additional transaction fees distributed to node operators
  • Revenue from late payments and merchant fees
  • Increased merchant and consumer adoption
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