Dolla Under the Hood

What does Dolla look like under the hood?

Recently there has been a flurry of ICOs accompanied by an overwhelming avalanche of fluff and hype.

In contrast, for Dolla, it may be refreshing to look at what has already been built (and runs).

What does Dolla look like under the hood?

From looking at the Dolla reference implementation the simplicity and elegance of its design is clear.

The Haskell code is surprisingly compact, well structured and easy to read, even for a Haskell novice.

The consensus algorithm (described in DBFT) corresponds to its Haskell implementation almost one-to-one.

This was done intentionally so it is easy to learn, check and formally verify.

The project is led by a small and very talented team of highly focused, no-nonsense Haskell veterans.

Not only are they experienced but also, to put it bluntly, they are 'scary' smart (as well as friendly).

The Dolla mathematicians have, without mercy, taken apart the consensus DBFT algorithms and its implementation in order to uncover weaknesses.

The result is an amended algorithm (ADBFT) that is a significant, practical improvement over the original.

Furthermore, Dolla's algorithms and their implementation are formally verified using machine proofs (Coq).

As if this was not enough, the project is also taking advantage of Haskell's extensive automated testing facilities to catch regressions in function and performance as soon as they appear.

This includes degradation induced by changes in the selected tool chain (i.e. the GHC compiler).

On the performance side, Dolla's network experts continue tuning, tweaking and bench marking, under real-world scenarios, to squeeze as much speed and throughput as possible from the underlying communications scaffolding.

This is a blockchain crafted by pros for reliable, fast, easy to maintain, easy to evolve real-world PRODUCTION use.

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