The Dolla Team

Cryptocurrency Professionals

Lead One a Caymans exempt company is a technology and engineering company that researches and builds blockchain technology. With a particular interest in Haskell programming, cryptocurrency efficiency and security plus

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Cryptography
  • Consensus Solutions
  • Scripting Languages
  • Software Engineering
  • Blockchain Privacy
  • Quantum Proof Signatures
  • Networks
  • Distributed Systems
  • Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Formal Verification
  • Programming Language
  • Mining Hardware
  • Economics and Blockchain
  • Currency Exchange
  • Payment Systems and Gateways

Lead One is decentralized company with team members around the world and is glad to have access to a geographically distributed team of software engineers, crypto experts, business professionals, academics and researchers. We publish open source software that is free for everyone to use.

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Andreas Holmes

CEO – Tech Entrepreneur and  Web Platform Creator.

  • Canada

Experienced web entrepreneur, web platform and software creator.

  • Creative and Innovative thinker with expertise in business creation, business promotion, operations and expansion. 
  • Strategic and long term thinker with proven ability to create long term investments and businesses. 
  • Experienced in technical and practical  SEO
  • Software Architect and Designer and Web Software Platform Creator, with an eye for detail and an advanced understanding of user processes.
  • Successful business developer, experienced in Business Creation  and Development 
  • Corporate Management and Team Leader
  • Blockchain Privacy and quantum proof signatures. 
  • Cryptocurrency mining 
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Andre Knispel

Lead One Haskell Engineer and Mathematician

  • Germany

Experienced with Functional Programming (Haskell plus Idris) and Mathematics.

  • Has his Masters in Mathematics, his mathematical expertise includes graph theory, algebra and algebraic geometry which are at the heart of modern cryptography, plus category theory and type theory which form the theoretical foundations of functional programming.
  • Software developer with real time distributed systems experience.
  • Expert functional programming professional specializing in Haskell and Idris
  • He uses Coq together with Haskell to produce verified code that will never crash and is proven to satisfy its specification.
  • Experienced with Quantum computing. 
  • Experienced with blockchain privacy solutions and quantum proof signatures 
  • Expert problem solver and out of the box thinker that enjoys solving the difficult problems.
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Guidon Malamud

Lead One Haskell Software Development Engineer

  • Israel

Senior software developer specializing in Haskell and functional programming.

  • Experienced in design & implementation of real-time embedded software and large distributed systems.
  • Specializes in applying functional programming patterns to design & implement scalable, flexible and robust real-time distributed software solutions.
  • Senior Software Developer for an asynchronous real-time distributed system that detects and processes US bankruptcy filings for a large issuer of US credit cards (Synchrony Bank, 35M active cardholders).
  • Developed pilot’s GUI, in 68000 assembler, to launch an arsenal of missiles and bombs from a NATO jet fighter (security clearance: Secret).
  • Senior engineer that implemented a remote disaster recovery site that is maintained fully synchronized, at both the infrastructure and application level, to allow switch-over at any time with no loss of production critical data.
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Michal Gajda

Lead One Senior Haskell Engineer and Researcher

  • Poland

Senior software developer with computational science PhD. 

  • Architected data analytics pipelines in bioinformatics and financial industry.
  • Participated in rollouts of large systems in international organization, and for country wide B2B systems.
  • Expert Functional programmer specializing in Haskell with strong mathematical background .
  • Extensive experience with Agile/Lean processes, continuous integration, and devops in the cloud.
  • Open source projects used in production by third parties, Github
  • Experienced with TCP/UDP architecture, implemented cluster management system with boot management over UDP
  • Migrated to full devops set up and upgraded features for advanced fraud prevention for electronic payments systems.
  • Implemented DSL for market risk analytics in global banking.
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Henning Sauter

Lead One Haskell Engineer and Mathematician

  • Germany

Experienced Functional programmer and Mathematician

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  • Experienced with Differential Equations (ODEs / PDEs / DAEs) specializing in numerical solutions to DAEs
  • Experienced with Functional Programming (Haskell)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
  • Experienced with customer consulting in a major German bank.

Max Lupke

Lead One Haskell Engineer and Mathematician

  • Germany

Experienced with Functional Programming (Haskell) and Mathematics.


Vitaliy Kobak

Updating Info

  • Ukraine

Experienced Corporate Banking Professional


+ Romana

Lead One Senior Haskell Engineer and Researcher

  • Ukraine

Image Designer and Editor, Graphic content creator. 


FP Complete Partnership

Lead One has partnered with FP Complete the leading Haskell engineering company. FP Complete has a 3 member blockchain specialist team who are working in conjunction with Lead One Haskell engineers to develop and run the latest generation blockchain.

FP Complete is led by veterans and innovators from Microsoft, Intel, Google, and several PhD programs and prominent open-source projects, we operate innovation and engineering teams out of North America and Western Europe.

Our engineering and quality staff design and build powerful software with new features ranging from data aggregation and understanding, to high-performance simulation, to online portals for practitioners and consumers/patients. We conduct blockchain audits on leading cryptocurrencies.

This exceptionally well-qualified group of engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, and operators use latest-generation techniques such as multicore and distributed functional programming, distributed team management, and advanced cloud DevOps and containerization, to get you new IT capabilities with fast time-to-market and immediate high capacity.

Niklas Hambuchen

FP Complete Team Lead and Senior Haskell Engineer

  • Germany

  Experienced Haskell engineer and Blockchain expert.

  • Linkedin

Alexey Kuleshevich

FP Complete Haskell Engineer Blockchain Team Member

  • Germany

 Senior Haskell engineer and Blockchain professional

  • Linkedin

Roman Gonzalez

FP Complete Blockchain Team Member & Haskell Engineer

  • Canada

 Senior Haskell engineer and Blockchain  professional

  • Linkedin


Ordlab an extension of Lead One, it is a team of professional marketers with extensive skills in marketing, networking, promotion, social media, seo and advertising.

John borrow

Online Promotion

  • Australia

 Sales and marketing  professional

  • Corporate and business sales professional, reaching and surpassing sales targets on a regular basis.
  • Telemarketing professional, set up and built a telemarketing team to become the leading team in the industry.
  • Team leader of large national telemarketing team
  • Website design professional including WP 
  • Experienced social media marketer with platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.
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