The Dolla Story

We know about sending and receiving money online, as leaders and successful entrepreneurs online dealing with outsourcing and web development, we have experienced every frustration when it comes to accepting money from customers and paying staff and outsourcers.

At Dolla we believe there is a better way to do online payments… A way where business owners, employers, staff and outsourcers are not disadvantaged and are paid quickly, no one loses fees, where you will not be frozen out of your accounts and you do not need to go though the hassle of using services like Paypal. We are excited to simplify moving money both internationally and locally, both online and offline for businesses, entrepreneurs, outsourcers and staff through our fast secure and efficient blockchain.

What Makes Us Unique

Send Money

Receive Money

Super Fast Blockchain

Transaction Confirmation in 1-4 seconds    

Dolla is a super fast Cryptocurrency allowing business owners, entrepreneurs and employers, to take and send money with ease and low to no fees.      

Dolla allows staff, contractors and businesses to  receive money with ease.    

Unforkable Blockchain

Secure blockchain: resistant against double spend attacks

Very High Throughput

Dolla performs 1000’s of transactions a second.



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