Dolla - Next Generation Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Project
The worlds best way to send and receive money for business

Dolla is the future of cryptocurrency, Dolla software is a transactional network that allows business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, staff, friends and family to send and receive money in an almost instant, almost free, hassle free way from anywhere in the world. Dolla is the solution for B2B, B2C, F2F, B2S payments.

 Dolla was created to improve upon existing cryptocurrencies and their development approaches. Dolla believes in a research first philosophy, that every aspect of a cryptocurrency and its development including language choice and core algorithm should be reviewed, analyzed and compared to alternatives with the best approach being taken.

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Dolla the Best Cryptocurrency and its Benefits


  • Dolla gives equal access and opportunity globally to anyone with a phone or internet connection allowing them to take payments or send and receive money with ease.


  • Secure blockchain from the ground up 
  • Superior safe code ( Haskell ) 
  • Dolla's unforkable blockchain is resistant against double spend attacks.


  • Transaction confirmation in 1-4 seconds
  • 10,000 + Transactions per second


  • Very low cost
  • It is almost free to send payments, with a very small fee being payable to prevent the network from being spammed.

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Market Size

Size of Dolla market: USD xx Billion
Volume of International payments: USD xx

Dolla's Growing GLOBAL network










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Dolla Blockchain

Dolla the latest generation cryptocurrency with better speed and higher throughput. Secure high performance Unforkable blockchain: resistant against double spend attacks

Dolla Cryptocurrency Benefits

Currently in Testing and Website Under Construction

Fast Transaction Confirmation Times. Transactions confirm in 1- 4 seconds

  • High Through Put, able to process 1000’s of transactions per second.
  • No to Low Fees
  • Superior Code, the Dolla blockchain is written in Haskell
  • Blockchain With Linear History

With a research first philosophy, Dolla’s research and prototype implementation work has shown that the algorithm presented in the paper “(Leader/Randomization/Signature)-free Byzantine Consensus for Consortium Blockchains” (in short “LRSF-BCCB”) is the core algorithm.


Dolla is a latest generation crypto currency improving upon previous generations resulting in a better, more secure, faster, higher performing cryptocurrency.



A faster and more secure way to send money to businesses, merchants, staff, outsourcers or just friends.


An easier, less hassle, cheaper and safer way to receive money from business owners, customers, friends or family.


Send payment requests with easy using our merchant software, request payments from customers and suppliers with ease.

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