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Dolla is a complete payment infrastructure


Dolla can process 10,000+ TPS, compared with Bitcoin processes around 6 TPS. Visa transacts on average 1500 TPS placing Dolla well above these realms.


The Dolla blockchain is built in Haskell advanced programming language using the ADBFT algorithm. With a peer review, research first philosophy, Dolla has ultimate security.

cost effective

Dolla transactions only cost 1 cent per transaction, payable by the sender, so for businesses accepting Dolla the transaction is free.


Dolla’s user interface is designed for ease of use both for business and consumer. The wallet allows users to easily manage their funds, output addresses, and privacy keys.


The average latency of a Dolla transaction is only one second which allows the sender or the recipient to see very quickly if a transaction has cleared.


Dolla transactions are final and cannot be rolled back providing assurances for businesses and consumers alike in the validity of their transaction.

Dolla Blockchain Technology

The heart of the Dolla ecosystem is the Dolla blockchain built on the Amended Democratic Byzantine Fault Tolerance (ABDFT) consensus algorithm.

The ADBFT consensus algorithm is best-suited to Dolla’s aim of becoming a globally adopted payment platform because it is lightweight, deterministic, and fork free. It is a perfect base for privacy layers and smart contract options, in addition to being economically and environmentally friendly with low transaction costs and low power consumption.

A Complete Infrastructure For Modern Enterprise

Dolla’s platform is designed for mass adoption and has created a suite of facilities to enable easy, everyday use. Dolla’s whitelabel solutions also enable companies to efficiently create their own unique fintech products, saving time and money.

Whitelabel Blockchain Solutions

Dolla’s platform is designed for mass adoption and has created a suite of facilities to enable easy, everyday use. Dolla’s whitelabel solutions also enable companies to efficiently create their own unique fintech products, saving time and money.


DollayPay gives customers an easy way to pay for goods and services, an interest- free option that allows the consumer to take possession of the good immediately whilst paying over time, with the merchant getting paid instantly. This will be achieved using pre-made smart contracts that are evaluated in the consensus nodes directly.

Merchant Facilities

Dolla’s payment platform oozes simplicity for physical retailers of all sizes. The platform will be an enhanced version of the Dolla wallet with additional features specific to merchants. Payments will be contactless via QR, ApplePay and Android Pay, with instant settlement.

Remittance Technology

Dolla’s revolutionary technology is akin to the remittance industry making global transfers cheaper, faster and more secure.

Recurring Debits

Dolla’s recurring billing protocol is a perfect fit for weekly or monthly subscription payments. Built atop smart contract applications, Dolla makes it possible to accommodate day-to-day payment scenarios.


Dolla is developing a one click e-commerce application that integrate between the merchants website and their wallet. These Web Apps will be integrated into platforms such as Wordpress, Shopify, Joomla, Magento, Wix, Blogger, Squarespace and others, so that users can easily checkout through the Dolla gateway.

Keys To Adoption

Mass adoption is a prime focus and to do so we have developed key strategies and products to enhance user experience and create brand awareness.

Orb Exchange

With extensive research and development the Orb exchange has taken into consideration previous exchanges downfalls, and improving on successful exchanges strengths, therefore creating a more robust, powerful and secure trading platform. Dolla’s currency exchange is being built in Haskell for the highest of security and speed, with low exchange rates and fees.

ATM Network

To maximise market adoption there are 2 phases planned for ATM use. Integration with existing ATM networks and installation of Dolla ATM’s. These will be placed in locations of high visibility and where Dolla merchants are most prominent. Further development includes cardless cash and app integration.


Marketing is a prime focus for Dolla with extensive resources committed to increasing brand awareness. The goal is for Dolla to become a recognised brand for payment solutions, in doing so our marketing includes a strong social media presence as well as a concentrated SEO strategies, media, roadshows and community engagement.


Airdrop campaigns have been an essential tool for growing our communities and user base. Our Airdrops have been extensively marketed with the aim of getting Dolla into the hands of a multitude of users all over the world.

Join Our Node Network

Mutually beneficial strategic alliances have been formed with individuals, businesses and charities to become part of the Dolla Node Network, with considerable incentives on offer. Applications are available.

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